How It Works

As Canada’s number one circulation audit program, Canadian Media Circulation Audit provides media owners, advertisers and government agencies with valuable circulation insights from a reputable source.

A CMCA audit is an independent examination of the circulation records and distribution practices used by a publication. The auditor’s findings are summarized in an in-depth audit report, which is then supplied to the publisher and posted to the CMCA Data Centre.

Publishers can use their CMCA statements and audit reports as a powerful sales tool to show advertisers and media buyers that their circulation claims are credible and accurate. Audit reports can also be used as supporting documents for grant applications to government funding programs such as the Canada Periodical Fund.

The Reporting Cycle

Publishers maintain circulation records on an ongoing basis and submit a summary of that information in circulation statements every six months. Audits are conducted annually and are typically done remotely by a CMCA auditor or, in some cases, an independent chartered accountant.

On-site spot audits are conducted throughout the year across the country by a CMCA auditor. Publishers may also request an on-site audit of their publication.

For more information on how the CMCA audit process works, contact the CMCA office or consult the CMCA Manual, available in the Resources section of this website.